Amazon Introduces Glasses With Alexa Capabilities

SEATTLE, W.A. – Amazon is rolling out a new gadget that’s turning some heads!

  • Amazon has introduced Echo Frames.
  • They’re glasses frames with Alexa capabilities.
  • They’re in an introductory period.
  • They are not compatible with iPhones.

The company introduced Echo Frames this week. They are glasses frames that allow you to carry Alexa around right on your face!

The product is in an early edition currently, and not being rolled out to the public quite yet.

Amazon members can request an invitation to be one of the first to try the product.

The introductory price will be $179.99, with the eventual price becoming $249.99 after the introductory period.

At posting, Amazon is advising members the frames will not be compatible with iOS smartphone devices, such as iPhones. Android devices are compatible.

The frames do not include prescription lenses.

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